Women's March Los Angeles

These past few days have had me feeling all kinds of things. The inauguration left me feeling a little bit sad and a lot of bit upset. I knew it was coming and it still hit me pretty hard. But as I got to the Women’s March, unified with ~750,000 of other marchers who felt a similar unease of the new administration, I realized how many smart & strong women (and men) are ready to move this country forward towards love, equality, and respect despite all the sexism, racism, and bigotry.

Here are some of my favorite signs people made that really got me thinking and inspired towards activism and artivism.

The election was not normal. Putting a pussy grabbing president who tweets out tantrums in power is not normal. "Alternative facts" are not normal. Fake news is not normal. Let's not normalize it. This is not normal. 

I'll end this with Tina Belcher. Because I think we have a little bit of her in all of us.