What to Eat When Camping

Here's another post about the camping trip we had last week, this time featuring everyone's favorite topic — food! We stopped by the Vintage Grocer's Market in Malibu, which is kind of like a mini Whole Foods to get all of our food, ice, and cold beers. 

Here's what we came up with! Props to AV for cooking pretty much everything. I was just there to assemble the meals and make them look pretty:) For breakfast, we kept it pretty basic with scrambled eggs and good 'ole steel cut oatmeal.  

Here's some awesomely delicious ceviche tacos with avocados that we were able to spread out over two meals. Yummmz. They were so good. I'm actually still thinking about them.. I could've eaten these the whole trip if we had enough.

We had some quinoa burgers with pepperjack cheese and they were surprisingly pretty good. I forgot to take a picture of the actual patties but no worries, because as with most veggie patties, it tasted a lot better than it looked. LOL

Then of course, we had to have the s'mores! There were so many other chocolates available so we skipped the usual Hershey's and perused down to the fancy chocolate aisle. We decided on this Dark Quinoa chocolate  (obviously to go with our quinoa burgers). It didn't taste like quinoa at all but kind of had a nutty-ness to it. I'd definitely recommend it. It tasted good and the packaging's not too bad either. 

Ready for s'more camping posts? I think I'll have one more so I can show you the stargazing pictures we took. They are kind of awesome. Til then, bye bye friends!