Pastels and Pita in Pasadena

It's the second Sunday of the month and that means the Pasadena Flea Market! It's usually hard to get up early on these days but with the weather rising hotter and sooner, it was a must. Starting the day early was a great idea. AV and I hit up the Flea Market, got some helpful information at the Camera Show, geeked out on paper at Papersource, and had lunch at Pita Pita all before 2:00 p.m. I'm pretty sure that's a record for us! 

If you plan on going to any flea markets, especially during the summer, you will be happier if you leave early. You'll beat the traffic, the heat, and are likely to score some great finds and great parking! 

I left with a variety of things — some that I needed and some that I could probably have lived without. One purchase that was more for fun than function were these pastels below! I have never used pastels in my life but I couldn't resist the beautiful colors and vintage packaging they came in. They remind me of something you might find in a Wes Anderson film. It may be the Futura on the "School Pastels" and there's something about the red and yellows on the second picture that reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Whatever it is, it comes down to being pretty and nostalgic.

Anyways, I definitely need to find a project to work on to justify this purchase. I'm thinking something with chalkboards and handlettering. Let me know if you know any other fun ways to use these. I can't wait to start playing with them!